Friday, August 8, 2008


Everyone must know this saying by now. Well here is what the Institute for Religion and Democracy is saying about Lambeth 2008.

The Anglican Communion has foundered and is ready to sink beneath the waves, bishops attending the 14th Lambeth Conference tell the IRD.
Charges of dishonesty and ignorance were exchanged during the first week of the conference, a gathering of the bishops of the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, England, that occurs every ten years. Attempts by the leader of the 80-million member church, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, to steer the church clear of the shoals of schism appears to have failed.

The person/people that funded GAFCON have already declared the communion dead! And this was only a week into the conference. Here is a quote from Mr. "let's go to breakfast and have a frank discussion about raiding provinces" Venables:

“I’d like to expect a miracle,” said Bishop Gregory Venables of Argentina, a leader of the evangelical alliance at Lambeth, but said he feared the prospects for the church holding together were slight.
“Humanely speaking there is little hope for even a peaceful separation,” Bishop Venables noted. A split had already taken place, he said, adding that the best course was to work out the terms of the “divorce.”

Keep in mind that this quote was given before he had gone to breakfast.

From the letter that Bishop Mathes has posted on the diocesan website:
"Over breakfast, Gregory Venables, Presiding Bishop of the Church of the Southern Cone, apologized for not contacting me before making incursions into the Diocese of San Diego. Over the past two years, Bishop Venables together with Bishop Frank Lyons of the same province, have made numerous episcopal visits to our diocese without my knowledge or consent. I was heartened by his apology and relieved to hear him say he had not received either of the two letters I had sent protesting these actions and outlining the harm they caused to the church here in San Diego. Previously, I had taken his silence to mean his actions were intentional.

This is the same person who told Mr. Schofield that the Archbishop of Canterbury may have recognized him as a bishop in the Southern Cone.

When the money people say the game is afoot and those that seek power have the opportunity to take money and grow their power nothing is sacred. For those of us that thought there was hope it is now time for Plan B.